Thieves Break Into Tornio Factory to Steal Copper

Posted on May 14th, 2012 by News Editor in News

Many expats in Oulu may be used to passing through Tornio on the way to Ikea. But the small border-town and has fallen victim to a particularly audacious form of theft.

In the late hours of Sunday night, a group of men, described by police simply as ‘foreign,’ broke into Tornio’s Outokumpo steel mill in search of metal, probably to sell for scrap.

Security guards in the factory noticed cameras moving in the sector of the factory where copper cable is stored and telephoned the police.

Two police patrols arrived and found that the group had indeed been on the scene. By this time, the suspects had managed to flee about half a kilometre before hiding in some bushes. They were tracked down by police sniffer dogs and arrested without resistance.

The men were in possession of a car and trailer and in the trailer were various pieces of sawn-off copper. They were taken to jail in Kemi.

The stealing of copper cable has rocketed throughout Europe since the beginning of the Economic Crisis. There have even been cases, in the UK and USA, of attempts to steal copper cable which has turned out to be live. These have resulted in the thieves receiving life-threatening electric shocks and electricity blackouts for nearby residents. In some cases, thieves have been killed attempting to remove the copper wire from electricity pylons.

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