Oulu Cinema to Show Punk Movie With English Subtitles

Posted on May 16th, 2012 by Editor in Culture

Tuira’s Star Cinema will show a Finnish film with English subtitles next week, in an act which may set a precedent.

Star Cinema Tuira

Education student Annemarie Muller, who is originally from Germany but has been Finland for nine years, saw the film ‘Kovasikajuttu’ and was deeply moved by it. To celebrate her graduation, she decided to take her friends to the independent cinema which is showing the film, but some of her friends do not speak Finnish.

She approached the cinema’s manager and, to her surprise, he was prepared, at her request, to screen the film with English rather than Swedish subtitles.

Kari Kantala, the manager of the cinema, told 65DN that, ‘If it’s possible, we’re happy to show films with English subtitles any time for any amount of people. Unfortunately only a few films come with this possibility.’

Kovasikajuttu (‘The Punk Syndrome’) was released in Finland on 4th May. It is a documentary following the often turbulent lives of members of a Finnish Punk band called Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. It will be shown at Star Cinema at 6.30pm on 22nd May.


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